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Sapphiechu / May 11, 2014
Chiyoko had already recorded a very helpful video for her fashion-show-style costume contest format, but what about everything else concerning CCs? Well, with all respect for Chi, Flare (of Contests-Central) had created a very in-depth forum post concerning everything CC, back in August of 2012, which I link to here.

Follow this guide, and you'll never go wrong. You can, of course, modify this format, and both Chi, myself and others have done so several times, but be aware that the basic format always seems to work the best for beginners.
Sapphiechu / Mar 01, 2014
As many of you already know, we have had to say a sad farewell to our much loved Chiyoko from the ranks of Patriot Act Alliances. I'll not get into the grit of the reasons why she has decided to go it alone, but suffice it to say that I wish her the very best of luck with her Chi-TV super-group, and that she should never forget that she has friends here.

With this, it now falls to myself (@sapphiechu) and @gaibryael to continue the work that Chiyoko and her player has performed admirably in the past.

I have personally worked on the first PAA Costume Contest without Chiyoko, and it went reasonably well. A couple of hiccups, but that shouldn't be a problem with the next one this coming Sunday (March 2nd). I'll be making a point of visiting the site at LEAST once a week to check on the forums and reply to messages, but if there are any important issues, please look for either myself or @gaibryael on Champions Online.

Chiyoko / Feb 17, 2014
Dear Patriot Act Alliances,

I cannot believe that it is already the middle of February. With Old Glory's temporary leave of absence, I'd like to make sure a few things are clear:

#1. If you are in Patriot Act Alliances, in order to maintain an "active status" you must log in at least once a month on your character. Characters who fail to maintain an active status will be removed from the SG. If you are to be gone for a long time, the best option is to put your character in Patriot Act Reserves, our SG for alternates.

#2. There are not to be more than two members with the same @address in this SG. Patriot Act Reserves is a great place to put additional alternate characters.

#3. Please follow the code of conduct as well as exhibit our core values. This includes, but is not limited to, respecting other players, resolving conflicts peacefully, and being mature. Patriot Act is all about being a family. If you have any problems working out issues with another player you can contact one of us and we'll work things out.

I know that his absence will be a tough time for many of us. I'm going to miss him greatly. But if we work together and dream big the sky's the limit. Thank you for making Patriot Act the greatest SG in all of Champions Online. We're honored to have you as a member of our family!


Chiyoko / Dec 31, 2013
Dear Patriot Act,

With 2014 just around the corner, we thought about changing our website from the drab black & white theme, to one that represents us better. The theme we have chosen incorporates the PA/PAA colors as well as us! Pictures from our family photo shoot were used in the creation of our website template. I do hope you enjoy!

2013 was a great year for Patriot Act and Patriot Act Alliances. I look forward to 2014. We're going to be hosting a ton of RP and Costume Contest events, continue our plot line with the X-Patriots as our nemesis group, have fun helping people learn to RP, and give back to the role-playing community of Champions Online. And the best part about 2014 is that you play a crucial role as well!

Have a Happy New Year!