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Online: over 7 years ago
Joined: Jan 27, 2014
Nick Name: Cold
Gender: Male
Country: United States
State/Province: New York
City: Woodhaven
I am a gamer that plays alot of Team Fortress 2. I also love to create guides to help the steam community. If you know about the topic of the guide, message me or post a comment if you wanna help by being one of the contributors!

I am very competetive on Team Fortress 2, so I play Competetive TF2! My favorite class is the Scout.

Other Notes: I do not tolerate any troll or mean comments. Spamming comments on my profile will be deleted. If you repeat this, harass me, or troll me, you will deleted and blocked.

If you are a friend of mine, you can join my group, Trytoaim's buddies and gamers! If you mock me on video games, and have no reason what so ever, you will simply be ignored/muted with just a single button press.

Usually I play the following servers on TF2:

SlenderFortress, my slgroup is The-Slender-Fortress-2-Slayers, only join if your my friend or good at SlenderFortress.

Mainly jailbreak since I recently got my mic. :)
PB fortress servers or GFL clan servers.
TF2 Ware

On Left 4 Dead 2, I usually host games with mods and campaigns made by you fellow Steam members!

With that said, I am a very good trader and I will respond to all comments, messages, or requests ASAP!