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Ok, I may have got a little long winded on this one, but the story has expanded since I first wrote it. :D

Multifarian Earth, 11 years ago.

It had been a hard year for the Resistance. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep ahead of the patrols and supplies were starting to dwindle. Something needed to change.

The Professor had come up with something. Something big: Something that could potentially take out a Mega-D in one hit. Tyler knew they needed to test it. Unfortunately, there was only one way to test a new weapon against a Mega-D...

The fighting was fierce. They only had to hold out until one of the giant robots appeared, then they could test the weapon. His prayers were answered when a shadow blotted out the sun. Tyler signalled the Prof.

“Everyone fall back!” His squad dove for cover as he heard the whine of the machine as it warmed up. He peaked out as the weapon prepared to fire.

Oh no. It couldn’t be! But there, plain as day, was Lady Liberty, hovering beside the Destroyer. She was supposed to have retired! Tyler was about to warn the Prof. when the weapon fired.

Later, once the smoke had cleared and the ringing in his ears had subsided, Tyler saw that the weapon had done as advertised: The Mega-D had been completely destroyed.

As had Lady Liberty.

Reinforcements were coming, so the Resistance members scattered. Tyler managed to stay ahead of the patrols, by leaping fences and staying low. The next fence he hurdled would provide a new problem.

As he landed he was confronted with the sight of a five year old boy, crying. Not seeing anyone else around, Tyler tried to quiet the boy, but could not.

Not wanting to just abandon the boy, he lead him back into the house to see if he could find his parents: He wasn’t leaving a boy alone with the patrols around.

Photos on the wall of the living room quickly complicated the situation: This was Lady Libertys house. No wonder she appeared so quickly when the attack happened. Looking closely at a photo would answer the next question.

Holding his hand was Lady Liberty’s son.


It was a year later. Tyler should never have taken the boy on, but he was unable to leave him alone. Yes, his mother was Lady Liberty, but this was no reason to hate the boy. He was an innocent.

It was then that they made contact with the other realm.

Tyler’s heart nearly froze when he saw who had come through to help. That was nothing though, compared to what came next.

“Mummy!” Tyler heart broke as he say the boy run across the room and leap into the arms of the woman standing there. How was he going to explain this? His eyes locked with hers and the realisation hit: She knew. Somehow, she knew who this boy was. Threw his tears he saw her kneel down and speak to the boy.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m not your mum. I know I look like her, but I’m not her. I’m … I guess I’m your Aunt. We were like sisters, your mum and me. My name is Rachael.”

The boy looked up at her. “I didn’t know I had an Aunt.” He sniffed. “Am I going to live with you now?”


"No, David! Please, you don't know how dangerous it is out there. You are NOT applying to PA and that is FINAL!"

David was crushed. He had lived with Aunt Rachael for ten years now. She was the famous Lady Liberty. She had had such adventures during her time with the Act, and now she refused to even consider letting him join! He knew he could hold his own. His own power, a harder, more focused version of his mothers, was more than enough to take on any Supervillian out there!

Why couldn’t she understand? He was not his mother! He had found out more about her over the years and he wanted to show that he could be, needed to be, the hero she wasn’t!

That night as he snuck out, wearing a costume he'd designed, he knew it was time to take his place in Millennium City.

As he turned to close the window, a hand fell on his shoulder. "Here", said Aunt Rachael, "If you're going to do this you'd better be sure they don't see your face." Carefully, he put on Lady Liberty's visor and scarf.

Kissing her on the cheek, he flew off, ready to start his own story...
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