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If you are entering one of our costume contests, we have multiple ways of determining who makes it to our final four for the evening.

Themed Costume Contest Entries:

Form A:
Each judge picks their favorite costume related to the theme. The host will then announce the judge's picks.

Form B:
Each judge picks one of four finalists and then the audience votes. Audience vote their favorite of the four finalists. The host receives in-game mail and counts the votes per four finalists using a simple tallying system. First place goes to whoever has the most votes, second place goes to whoever has the second vote, and so on.

Form C:
When there are a larger amount of judges, each judge votes on their favorite costumes. The costumes receiving the most votes win.

Catwalk Costume Contests:

Form A:
Judges form a panel, and like America's Got Talent or any other contest show, each team member will vote "Nay" or "Yay." If a costume receives five "Yays," then they are automatically placed in the final categories. If a costume receives four of five "yays," they are also noted down for considering later on, during a recap session, if the four slots haven't been filled. Judges consider both the emotes/powers/etc used during the catwalk as well as the costume itself for the prizes in a ratio of 25% action and 75% costume.

Form B:
In smaller costume contests, each judge will give a costume a score (includes decimal points) from 0 - 5 based off of the same ratio listed above. The scores are then averaged using a calculator and documented. The host keeps track of the score averages per costume and those who score highest overall win. Because judges are able to use decimal places, there are hardly ever any tie breaks.

So, lets say a costume gets:

Judge 1: 4.3
Judge 2: 3.7
Judge 3: 1.0

The average for the costume would be: 4.3 + 3.7 + 1.0 / 3 = 9 / 3 = 3.0

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