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#9113057 Feb 16, 2014 at 06:47 PM
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As a PA member I couldn't enter the Nemesis CC but I was inspired. I decided to create this on an old Silver account so I would be forced to use only the basic costume pieces. Let me know what you think. :)

John Hancock loved sharing his name with a signatory of the Declaration of Independence. A true patriot, he sang the loudest when the anthem played and loved everything that made America great. He also deeply respected those heroes that stepped up to fight the enemies of America, from the police, to the armed forces, right up to that mighty team of super heroes, The Patriot Act and their charismatic leader Old Glory VII.

Working as a security guard for UNTIL in one of their top secret facilities, John felt he, too, was part of that noble tradition. Foiling a Viper incursion one day, John could not know that this had been a diversion. It wasn't until later, opening his locker (decorated with a signed poster of OG himself), that his life as he knew it ended in a bright, white flash, forever etching the image of PA's leader into his eyes...

He floated between worlds, with only the image of Old Glory floating in front of him. A twisted image, colours reversed, a parody in orange, green and black, hovering on the edge of sight. His mind latched on to the image, his only companion. Why hadn't the Patriot Act been able to stop Viper? Where was Old Glory? Why hadn't he saved John?

He did not know how long he waited, adrift on a endless ocean of white. Only the image for company, forever floating, mocking, laughing. Finally, when all hope had been lost, a voice called his name.

"Who are you?" John cried out.

I? I am that what was. I am that what will be again. I am the way for you to return. I am power. I am hate. I am revenge.

John felt power suffuse his body. Ancient magics coursed through him, changing him, until John was finally swept away and all that was left...

Who are you? / "I am the end of Glory. I am the end of the Act."
Who are you? / "I am the last thing Old Glory will ever see."
Who are you? / "I am the End."

I am the Omega Man.

#9114853 Feb 17, 2014 at 06:33 AM
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Really awesome nemesis and bio! You should totally create this guy and we can do some RP plots. I wish X-Patriots was more active.
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