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Name: George Washburn (secret)
Age: 25

Born on July 4th, George Washburn was a born patriot. He trained to be a writer doing some freelance investigative reporting, as well as being a semi-accomplished fiction writer. But while investigating some unauthorized testing involving some alien salvage in a non-government private makeshift lab being performed in the heart of the city, he was exposed to a burst of alien energy -- something that should have been fatal.

He survived . Much later he discovered he could heal quite rapidly and was tiring less and less. He was far more agile and limber than before, with powerful legs. Grade school martial arts classes came back to him, but it was so EASY to do now.

He seized the opportunity to become a hero, mainly as a story idea. A firsthand account of becoming a hero. But once he did so, he quickly saw the good he could do, and the hero "biz" became a commitment.
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Cool bio and comic cover!
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